What is The Dubwise Festival all about?

First of all it's about dub music. We want to share the dub and offer a new stage for as many artists as possible, promoting specifically UK dub reggae producers, singers and sound systems. Its about dub culture too, as a way of life and as a living tradition. About sharing a meal, entertaining with stall vendors, ones dancing on with their own vibe and riddim.

The Dubwise Festival is also a way to express and to spread a message nourished by the world's history, by Caribbean inspiration and by the wisdom of rastafarism. A message of thanksgiving, of respect and of peace delivered by the older generation.

Dubwise is also a scream at today's music industry. The Dubwise Festival stands for the development of our music and artists and for the organisation of our business in a professional and fair way. We don't only want to help artists to broadcast and diffuse their music but also help them to protect their musical expression for their own career development.

The Dubwise Festival was initiated in 2009 by Young Warrior, the mighty son of Jah Shaka, in order to promote this music, this culture and this message. Established by the help of sought funding as a non profit organisation, The Dubwise Festival try to retain the old school reggae community vibes as a result of the fact that the night has been created by the people for which it promotes.

Come get a feel of the vibe and the tradition of dub, also to support a new generation of artists. This Festival is an open door that welcomes both new and experienced listeners of dub/reggae music alike,

We may have different colour skin, but the same colour of soul,
We may have different origins or roots, but the same goals,
Standing together to build a better world,
Living it up united in a spirit of celebration.

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