A 2013/2014 Message From Young Warrior

Well its been more than a beautiful year for dub music worldwide! So much has happened & so much progression has been made!

Big up to all of the promoters doing their bit to push it out there small & big; & to the artists working hard on their music & feeding the people all over the world! Shouts to all of the new listeners & attendees also; we welcome you!

Unfortunately this year we lost so many of our legends & this goes to show we need many many more young people coming forward in the business before it goes also!

As i have said before we are responsible for our industry therefore we are very lucky so its up to us in which direction it goes, whether it flourishes or diminishes… we all have a responsibility!

So 2014 we just have to keep up the pace just like this year so the music can keep on growing stronger!

See you on the other side!


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