Sista Mary

Sista MaryI grew up in Cambridge and was surrounded by music as a child. I learnt to play several instruments before settling on the flute and piano which I learnt for many years. Throughout my youth I participated in many different school and community bands, orchestras and choirs and groups performing in venues such as The Junction Cambridge, various Cambridge University Colleges , church choirs, the Royal Albert Hall, and Euro Disney as well as many solo performances in and around Cambridge . I began persuing roots music when I was seventeen shortly after I took up the principals and doctrine of the Rastafari. In Cambridge I first started singing and chanting alongside a sound system called Revelation 2000 which was formed by a group of people who wished to promote the positive message in Reggae music and the message of RastafarI. It was for me a chance to sing my thanks and praise for life and promote the importance of unity amongst fellow mankind We met a few times a week and jammed together writing music, play tunes, freestyle together and play instruments and sing. We performed out once a week and held room 2 at an event called ‘Rawganics’ at the Junction in Cambridge . We also performed at some of the May balls at Cambridge University and supporting headliners such as Iration Steppas and Sugar Minot. I also linked Skanking Dave from Bury St Edmunds and began singing alongside the ‘One Foot Skank’ and the ‘Roots Collective’ in Cambridge . I moved to London in 2002 and in 2003, I began working with Father Wazair aka ‘King Original’ at Studio 55 in East London . Here I linked up Fire Dre and Prefect the ‘Buzhrock Warriors’ and Lavaground soldiers. It was here I began recording my first tracks and recorded my first cut of ‘Blind eye’. It was at studio 55 I really began to have a much deeper understanding and love in the doctrines of RastafarI and found huge inspiration from the elders, empresses and soldiers I met in the 55 and Lavaground community; where my love for chanting praises to Jah became InI focus. In 2004 I did my first stage show called ‘Queens of Reggae’ which I did in conjunction with Studio 55 and Father Wazair. Other artists on the show included Sylvia Tella, Jayzik, Christine Joy White, Joy Mack and Nadine. Later that year I also linked the Kingz of the Kozmos aka Tails and Grails and made several hip hop and reggae tracks over the last couple of years. This studio had many conscious artists. I have done several collaborations with them over the years since. In 2005 I went to Hamburg with Kenny Culcha and Chanter from King Original to perform there. Hamburg was brilliant. It gave me an opportunity to meet many other artists and producers and discover the sheer scale of the roots scene and how far the message in the music has spread since Bob Marley first brought reggae across the sea from Jamaica . It seems there is more recognition of roots as an established genre. And it seems that the Europeans authorities are willing to ‘tolorate’ reggae in a way our government is not; and embrace and promote it more. In 2006 I linked Ras Muffet with whom I made tunes ‘Dem Lost’ and ‘Blindeye’ which I released in Spring 2007 on Roots Injection label, and ‘Hail Jah’ which I released recently in autum 2008. During 2007 and 2008 I was performing regularly both solo and with sound system Mighty Tabot and Roots Warrior. I have also done a combination with Lexxy and the Dread UK called ‘Thanks and Praise’ which I hope to release in the future. In December 2007, I went to Grenoble where I performed with Mighty Tabot alongside The Red Lion Sound, OBF and Mighty Tabot. I spent 6 days there in which I recorded specials for OBF sound and Earthical sound and did a radio interview for Grenoble University . I am currently working on my album and have recently recorded some new tunes with Jah Voice and The Dread UK Productions as well as regular live shows both as a solo artist and with my soundsystem called Roots Warriors. In March 2008 I visited Rome and performed alongside Mighty Tabot and Lion Sound which was a fantastic opportunity to meet yet more producers and sound systems which are at the forefront of promoting Roots and Culture music and in particular UK Roots artists and tunes in Italy. In April 2008 I went to Sardinia where I performed alongside Simone and Textone as well as the mighty Christine Miller. The people in Sardinia have a real passion for promoting the music , sound system and artists and the message which we bring to the people. In February I wen to Sweden to perform alongside Cultivators Soundsystem and record some music. I currently am working on my debut album with producer Wooligan in the Mindsearchers studio in Birmingham . I hope to release this on LP and download in the near future. This year I have been working alongside many different artists and soundsystems in the UK incuding young warrior, Visions, Iration Steppas, Roots Warrior, Bass Conquorers, Congo Natty, Uprising Sound, and Revelation 2000. This July I went to Sardinia and performed Alongside Bass conquerors and Kenny Knots at the Sardinia Reggae Festival which was a fantastic opportunity to once again enjoy the company of many of his majestys upful warriors, and in August worked alongside Young warrior in the uprising festival in Brixton. I pray the Jah will bless me with many more wonderful opportunities in the future. Jah RastafarI is InI guide and light throughout this dark path which is set out for us in the system. I see my music as a reflection of my soul and it is aimed to be a message to the youth to encourage positive thinking. Music has no barriers, no colours and no creeds; it is pure. It is only what we say that may deem it corrupt. As a soldier of HIM I keep it positive Itinually and importantly keep it real and true in my music. I seek to serve JAH RASTAFARI and abolish mental chains which try to keep our minds in slavery. Watch this space!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!


Sista Mary LIVE @ 2011 Lambeth Country Show

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