Brother Culture

Started MCing in 1982 for Jah Revelation Muzik sound system, toured in USA, Jamaica and Canada through out the 80s. In 1991 started to MC at London’s Dub Club. Over the years has visited over 50 counties on the MC tip, At the moment is real busy recording and can be found on : Dubhead , M Records, roots garden, system error, Flex label, Dragonfly and LSD records, has made big ground working with Manasseh over the past five years *** At the moment he is touring with : Zion Train, Adrian Sherwood and J*Star. He is also actively involved with the relaunch of “Jah Revelation Muzik”mk2 with Cecil Rueben. Brother Culture was the principa; artist on the Trojan sound system album and has three tracks on the new “Aswad” album released in the USA called Aswad v Rydim Riders. Out this week is also the 2nd “Kanka” album called Alert, new from Paris based Hammerbass label.

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