I Jah


I-Jah started the music from a young age as a grime lyricist; he built up a name for himself as Tiny bee in the UK underground scene. He soon became familiar with the roots of the music and decided to change his style & his name to I Jah.
Since 2007 he has worked under the name of I Jah which is an abbreviation of his full name Benijah.

His style consists of a mix of reggae, dub, dubstep, jungle, hip hop and grime.
His message is of peace, love and over standing. He calls his music reality music; most of his tracks consist of hard baselines influenced from dub music. In 2008 he released a track named Buckingham palace with a dubstep label, speaking of the current troubles in London. He promoted and performed the track all over London & it received radio plays on stations such as roots FM played by Joe 90.

He has appeared in many shows, performing with the likes of artists such as, bashy, chipmunk, & many more. He has worked with the son of Jah shaka, young warrior were he performed at the dub wise festival 2009 in brixton. Since then he has been to Italy & Amsterdam to perform with other reggae acts. Recently he has began to work with Subajah and the one love band (a roots band from London) And has appeared in live shows with them. He is said to be working on an album and has much planned for the future in music.

I-Jah  – Higher Doctrine

I-Jah performing live with the Subajah Family band at the Brixton Hootananny

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