ManassehManasseh / Nick Manasseh : Sound System founded in 1985. Big dances from around ’87, soundclash with sounds like Jah Shaka, Jah Warrior, Volcano, Abbashanti, Jah Observer and Jah Tubby’s…………… Manasseh on Kiss FM began in 87 on return from stay in Jamaica, Manasseh occupied the late night saturday night /sunday morning slot for the next 12 years until 99. It is fair to say that the show was something of an institution, and along with Joey Jay’s sunday show, helped to revive Roots and Dub Reggae music in England and Europe

Manasseh production started around the same time as the sound, the first act Nick was involved with was “Sound Iration” along with Steve ‘Scruff’ Guilder (ex Night Doctor). The first Sound Iration single – ‘Seventh Seal’ issued in ’88 on Rae Cheddie’s Mystic Red label is widely regarded as the first “new wave dub” track – what is now called “UK Steppers”, although the “Disciples” amongst others were definitely on the same track
Riz records was founded in 1990 with Nick, Gil Cang, Eddie Joseph and Sis Mak. First release was Orville Smith’s “Leaving Rome”, followed by Bob Skeng’s “Education”. First big hit was Earl 16’s “Natural Roots” on a Riz 12″ which was also one of the first ‘Manasseh meets the Equalizer’ co productions. (The Equalizer is the artist name of Jeremy Armstrong). Other notable releases were Admiral Tibet’s “Permission” produced by Nick and Gil Cang (sometimes known as ‘Boombastic Crew’, sometimes known as ‘Riz All Stars’), Willi Williams’s “Saints”, Johnny Osbourne’s “Rise Up”, Devon Russell’s “Underground” as well as the first ‘Manasseh meets the Equalizer’ dub album – “Dub The Millennium” in 1993, subsequently licensed by Acid Jazz and released on CD.. Riz label lasted for some 8 years until unrelated non musical events made it impossible to continue.. There is a good selection of Riz Tracks, some unreleased, available for download on ‘Dance Trax Digital’ out of NYC

Other productions and co-productions from the 90s were Danny Red’s “Riddimwise” album for Sony/Columbia(feat. the big roots hit “Be Grateful”), the first three tracks on Conscious Sounds label, including Tena Stelin’s “Can’t Touch Jah” (big tune – Shaka killed Fatman with it in a famous clash!!). ‘Spectre’-“The Missing Two Weeks” a very out there dub album for RCA/BMG through the Stereo MC’s ‘Natural Response’ label, another Manasseh meets The Equalizer album “Shining” for Acid Jazz, tracks on Earl 16’s “Stepping Out” album for WEA, and a co-production with Rollo – “Honestly OK” on Dido’s first album. And of course, lots and lots of remixes, too many to mention here. Please go to ‘Trust The Dj – Nick Manasseh’ ( for a fuller biog and Discog from those times

More recently Nick has produced tracks for the new ‘Roots Garden” label, Johnny Osbourne’s – “Black Star Liner”, Brother Culture’s “Darker Side Of Town” and the brand new “Stormy Weathers” riddim with cuts by Jah Marnyah, Ruben Da Silva and Ras Zacharri… Another recent big tune was the Manasseh remix of Emiliana Torrini’s “Sunny Road” which can be heard on her myspace page.. There is a new album coming soon with Brother Culture for Dragonfly records, and Nick is currently working on a new album with Earl 16And Pama International, forgot about that, which has been great, check their myspace and website for more info

Big Ups and respect to Eddie, Bill and Robin (orig Manasseh co-founders), Brother Culture, Jon Roots Garden, Knati P, Ishu, Jeremy ‘Equalizer’, Oxman and all the Dub Vendor crew, Jah Shaka, Russ and Lol Disciples, Iration Steppas, Ott, James & the Liquid Connective, Ali, Adrian Sherwood, Mad Professor, Hammerbass Crew (Paris), Echo Beach (Hamburg), Bass Culture (Italy), all the promoters and sound crews from all over the world who have had Manasseh as a guest and all my good friends in the biz and lastly to my best friend James Style (1966-2004. RIP)… Love and Vibez.. NICK MANASSEH


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