Dixie Peach

Dixie PeachANTHONY GAYLE, also known as DIXIE PEACH was born in London- in ENGLAND. Has been singing from the age of nine his first solo stage appearance was at Latchmere Primary School, when he sang “OLD JIM JOHN”. In his teens DIXIE got involved more in music as a MC and selector with YOUNG LION SOUND and eventually built his own sound system with his brother and friends called KILLERWATT SOUND,and produced a” special” track for the sound called PURE WORRIES and a producer by name of JAH TUBBY’S from east London heard the track and approached DIXIE about releasing the track. When they linked up it is said that dixie started laughing in disbelief and said, ” I am not a singer Iam a sound man” But then people had said that he has a voice- a very distinctive voice. Anyway- it so happened that PURE WORRIES did get released and went to NO”11 in the English charts NO:1 in Hong Kong, 1984. This then started the ball rolling, as it was not long before he had hits like SPIN SPIN, SLAUGHTER, TONIGHT IS THE NIGHT, RAGGA MUFFIN AND RAMBO which went to NO:1 here and charted world wide. (still gets played today)and many more. Over the years DIXE has toured Europe as a solo artis and at times alongside JAH TUBBYS & crew. He has also appeared with the likes of ASWAD, EROLL BELLOT, DEBORAH GLASGOW,(R.I.P) JOHNNY CLARKE, JUNIOR DELGADO,(R.I.P) RONNIE DAVIS, MR PALMER,(R.I.P) to name a few. The best track here is melancholy yet ultimately uplifting vibes of “What am I to do?”(plus dub), by dixie peach. This is an outstanding track, proving that roots and culture music is every bit as relevant and contemporary as garage tunes or drum and bass vibes. This is a sufferers time confessional lyric, a lyric about the pain and sorrow of being poor and struggling man with many responsibilities to fulfill and a family to look after. Typical of the stoic power of roots music however, the drive of the lyric starts as a melancholy tale of deprivation but Dixie let the positive mystic power of roots and culture inspire him to proclaim “What am I to do, What am I to say? But Im not giving up no way, Im still going to try, I’m not giving up no way!” This is following the righteous spiritual heritage of roots music, music that enables the listener, singer and players of instruments,to form a oneness with higher, uplifting power: And it is this power that takes the individual over to the other side to overcome and step over the barriers. So the ultimate conclusion of the lyrics bears witness to his power to overcome all obstacles in his way. A fine, fine tune, with a truly beautiful lyrical expression. DIXIE PEACH must be proud of this one, and if this is the standard of his tunes, melodies, self-expression and lyrical force, then this man deserves a much wider and broader audience. THE ABOVE PASSAGE IS A REVIEW written by GREG WHITFIELD FOR REGGAE NEWS WWW.REGGAENEWS.CO.UK

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