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Jah Shaka Music Digital Downloads Launch!

25th February 2013 This historic catalog digitally re-mastered for download features over 50 albums, new releases plus sought after various artist album bundles from son & co-producer Young Warrior! Get Online To Purchase & Pre-order! To keep up with all the recent uploads CLICK HERE

Jah Shaka

Jah Shaka started his musical career in London, England. It was in the mid 70's that he joined the soul & R'n'B sound system Freddie Cloudburst as a soundman apprentice. A couple of years around 1970 he started his own Sound System simply known as

I Jah

I-Jah started the music from a young age as a grime lyricist; he built up a name for himself as Tiny bee in the UK underground scene. He soon became familiar with the roots of the music and decided to change his style & his

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