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Brockwell Park Artist Lineups Announced!



15 SEPTEMBER - Blues to Soul to Dub Dance Rock

Askala Selassie

Askala Selassie - The Fruit of the Holy Trinity. Born in London England and raised to the beat of the Caribbean. The rhythm of Jamaica forever rooted in her soul; finally lead her back to her roots. Helping to keep Bob Marley’s legacy alive, she

Twilight Circus

Multi-instrumentalist, producer and sound engineer RYAN MOORE aka TWILIGHT CIRCUS has been involved with dub for the last 25 years. He has worked with some of the very best in reggae music: Sly Dunbar, Robbie Shakespeare, Dean Fraser, Michael Rose (Black

Want To Earn Some Extra Money For Notting-Hill Carnival?

We are looking for bright enthusiastic people to come on board the promotion team at this years Notting-Hill carnival distributing flyers for this years DUBWISE CARNIVAL FESTIVAL! You will gain a FREE DUBWISE t-shirt to wear, FREE ENTRY to the events &

Will Tee

Will Tee is a reggae/dub producer, hailing from Sheffield, UK.  He started making his own music after attending local roots dances as a teenager.  He soon began supplying sound systems with dubs and exclusives as well as starting up his own sound system, playing locally

Get A Place At The Lambeth Country Show!

The Lambeth Country Show 2012 (Brockwell Park) – Booking your stall or space Deadline 31st July 2012.   If you have not booked yet we are still accepting bookings for the Lambeth Country Show 2012. We are still accepting booking applications for the following:

  • Catering tenders
  • Charity, community and statutory

Brand New Track from Gussie P & Dub Judah

New 2012 10" release from Gussie P (Sip A Cup) Label! A great jazzy one drop

Save Bristol St Pauls Carnival Sound Systems!

In todays "planning meeting" the carnival commity announced that there is a £30 - 50,000 deficit that needs to be filled before soundsystems can be allowed to set up in the street. This seems an imposible ammount but if we all work

Dubwise Carnival Festival 2012!

DUBWISE CARNIVAL FESTIVAL 2012! We bring you one of the BIGGEST lineups seen! No not the usual suspects but the most talented underated individuals & artistes! Show some love! Details coming

Young Warrior’s Coming To Mexico!

What a great mission! Young Warrior goes on tour in Mexico for the very first time. This is his first trip over to the shores which will see him taking in the vibes of Mexico & its people! It's truly a pleasure to see dub music travel

End Of An Era: The Brixton Mass

So we bid farewell to an iconic venue that has not just played host to to DUBWISE events but many reggae events in Brixton's history. Many venues are seeing closure in the UK for some reason or another which is slowly leaving us with less reggae/dub

Calling New Sounds & Artists!

As we are trying to encourage new young sound systems of today it would be great hear from any in the UK to become apart our plans for 2012... So if you are a young or new sound get in touch with us

Rockaway Meets Young Warrior Album!


Chapter One

The first sole produced album by the son of Jah Shaka, Young Warrior

This album captures London veteran singer Rockaway at his


Vibronics are a reggae collective, based in Leicester, England, starting in 1995. Centred around Steve Vibronics and Richi Rootz, they initially gained exposure via the Egg Experience '97 shows, leading to a deal with Zion Train's Universal Egg label. Mainly working in digital dub, Vibronics'

DUBWISE Returns Monthly!

After our monthly events at the Brixton Town Hall things went quiet for us but after such great demand for roots reggae in Brixton & South London we bring back DUBWISE on a monthly basis bringing you the best sound systems & acts across the

FREE Coach from Carnival!

DUBWISE CARNIVAL FESTIVAL 2011! To get you all from Nottinghill Carnival to Brixton Mass we have organized a FREE coach pick up! Coach leaves Holland Park Tube station @ 8pm , 9pm, 10pm & 11pm Please be at the pick up point on time! This

Join The Crew!

We are always looking for new people to join us:

* Flyer Agents

* Casual Event Workers

* Runners

* Ticket Sellers

* Online Promoters

  If any of these interest you drop us an email via the contact page! Earn some extra

Closer to Dubwise!

As the months go past we get closer to this years Carnival Festival! Every year we are growing & expanding which is positive. Last years event included over 15 unique acts coming to perform from all over the world on one stage & was a true blessing

Jah Shaka

Jah Shaka started his musical career in London, England. It was in the mid 70's that he joined the soul & R'n'B sound system Freddie Cloudburst as a soundman apprentice. A couple of years around 1970 he started his own Sound System simply known as

Young Warrior

Young Warrior ‘The Prince of Dub Sound System’ is one of the cornerstones for the next generation Dub Reggae movement and also happens to be son of the historic dub legend Jah Shaka

Playing out for numerous years all over Europe

Conscious Sounds

Independent UK Dub / Roots label and studio run by Producer / DJ Dougie Wardrop. Dougie Wardrop started his career in music production with humble means while running Dub Shack Records at Camden lock market. Inspired by early digital steppers such as Warrior stance by Dread

Christine Miller

Sista Mary

I grew up in Cambridge and was surrounded by music as a child. I learnt to play several instruments before settling on the flute and piano which I learnt for many years. Throughout my youth I participated in many different school and community bands, orchestras


ZAKEYAH (a Kushite word meaning teach') born in the UK and raised by Jamaican parents. She studied media and music technology in London and is currently working as a mentor/youth worker, creatively combining these elements to empower young people: to give them confidence, raise


One of south London's top and most known MC & Singer who has recently hooked up with Young Warrior to release the 7’’ 'Word Is Jah' and many more tracks to follow in the

I Jah

I-Jah started the music from a young age as a grime lyricist; he built up a name for himself as Tiny bee in the UK underground scene. He soon became familiar with the roots of the music and decided to change his style & his


Manasseh / Nick Manasseh : Sound System founded in 1985. Big dances from around '87, soundclash with sounds like Jah Shaka, Jah Warrior, Volcano, Abbashanti, Jah Observer and Jah Tubby's............... Manasseh on Kiss FM began in 87 on return from stay in Jamaica, Manasseh occupied

Dubateers ft Charlie P & Culture Freeman

Culture Freeman is known mainly for his work with the Bush Chemists, releasing singles including “The Fittest,” “Dread Ina Babylon” and "King Davids House." His first LP “Conqueror” was released in late 1998. He tours regularly in Europe with The Bush Chemists, and has also

Brother Culture

Started MCing in 1982 for Jah Revelation Muzik sound system, toured in USA, Jamaica and Canada through out the 80s. In 1991 started to MC at London's Dub Club. Over the years has visited over 50 counties on the MC tip, At the moment is

Digital Dubs

Raised in 2001, Digitaldubs is the 1st sound system in Rio de Janeiro, creating a new chapter in the Brazilian reggae culture.??With a studio and label (Muzamba) Digitaldubs produced and released many albums and 7” singles featuring some reggae legends as Ranking Joe (the hit

Ras Kush

Dub Music is a present force on the international underground scene. More than ever, night clubs, discjockeys, music producers, and record labels alike, take consideration of this wave. The truth is that drum and base, jungle, trance, 2 step, and dubstep are derivatives of the


Disciples is Russ D. producer, musician, engineer on the uk reggae and dub scene since 1986. Originally Disciples were brothers Russ and Lol who produced music for legendary uk sound system man Jah Shaka, it was Shaka who gave us our name, we recorded 4 albums


Dubkasm is one of the key components in the international roots and dub movement, originally formed in 1994 during the emergence period of the UK ‘digital dub’ sound. Their work first appeared  two years later on the compilation album ‘Dub Out West’ (Nubian Records NRLP15).

Dixie Peach

ANTHONY GAYLE, also known as DIXIE PEACH was born in London- in ENGLAND. Has been singing from the age of nine his first solo stage appearance was at Latchmere Primary School, when he sang "OLD JIM JOHN". In his teens DIXIE got involved more in

Errol Bellot

The name Errol Bellot first burst onto the reggae scene in 1981, after the unleashing of the classic British roots anthem ‘Babylon’. The song was recorded for ‘S and G records’, which at the time was one of the main recording studios for established artists

Touch Above Sound System

Info Coming

Jah Voice Sound System

Jah Voice Sound System and crew hails from  Wolverhampton in the UK. Hi-tek and modern, Jah Voice is a definitive Sub-bass Roots Sound. Established in 2002 Jah Voice introduced us to Father Johno and son Gavin Levi, Wooligan and Ras Tread. Having quickly established itself as a

King Earthquake

King Earthquake sound system was founded by Errol Arawak in the late 70's. In the beginning originally there were six members including Errol, the other five were cousins. It was like a family sound... Errol has been playing sound system since 1977 before leaving school, at

King Alpha Sound System

Young vibrant dub sound system based in London. Full of

Mighty Tabot Sound System

Ras Kinfe and Ras Gabre formed a strong bond while attending the Lion of Judah Church. Both being collectors of music, interested in Sound System and the Zeal to Testify Haile Selassie 1st. Mighty Tabot started playing on the club circuit while building of the

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